2018 Granville 4th of July Photography Contest 

We will accept only original photographs taken in Granville, Ohio between July 1-31, 2018.   

Deadline: July 31, 2018.

Limit of 5 entries per person.

Click here for Entry Form (PDF) - complete one for each entry

Instructions: Submit an 8"x10" print with signed entry form (one form per entry) to the Village Offices, 141 E Broadway, Granville; or mail to: Granville Kiwanis Photo Contest, PO Box 133, Granville, OH 43023. Include the high-resolution jpg image of each entry, or email separately to (include in subject line "photo contest").

We can assist you with printing the 8x10, however note the scale of digital photography often requires cropping for 8x10. For guaranteed results, we encourage you to print your own entries online or locally at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart etc.

Photos will be displayed at the Granville Public Library in August for public judging. A jurored exhibit of the winning photographs and selected pieces by the jury will be on display at ART@43023, including an awards reception. Photographs will be displayed at other businesses throughout the year and at the 2019 Granville Kiwanis 4th of July Celebration. Prizes include a top prize of $100 and gift certificates from local businesses. The Kiwanis Club will award a special award for photographs that exemplify the Granville Kiwanis 4th of July Celebration.

Click Here for a PDF of these Contest Instructions

Thank you for support from the following:



Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Photography Contest and Exhibitions, Sponsored in part by the Granville Arts Commission and Granville Kiwanis

1st Place Winner, Photograph by Sheryl Lazenby


2017 Print Photography Contest Winners

1st Place - Sheryl Lazenby $100 (#20

2nd Place - Azella Markgraf $50 (#17

3rd Place - Andrew Harms $25 (#27

Honorable Mentions - Azella Markgraf #31, Sheryl Lazenby #5, Kelly George #11 and Emma Mortellaro #33  

Juror's Awards from Jack Fleming - Azella Markgraf (Village Night), Sheryl Lazenby (Flying Zipper), Emma Mortellaro (Making Memories:  

Juror's Awards from Bryan Ghiloni - Azella Markgraf (Take A Break), Andrew Harms (Walking Home), Jocelyn McDaniel (Broadway Locust)

Kiwanis Award - Jennifer Cuevas (The American Dream at Its Finest), aka #21

2017 Instagram Contest Winners (#Granville4th)

1st Place - Tblsh with 186 Likes $50 (The Bright Light Social Hour)

2nd Place - itsjackobrien with 155 Likes $20 (Jack O'Brien)

3rd Place - Jenniferpent with 142 Likes $10 (Jennifer Pentecost)

Contest Information

The Granville Arts Commission is partnering with the Granville Kiwanis to offer two photography contests this year.  A New! Instagram-based Photography Contest (online submission and public voting), as well as a Traditional Print Photography Contest (New! Artists can submit their own prints with high-res digital file, or let us print your 8x10s for free (limit 5)). Winners will be included in a formal Exhibition at ART@43023

Photographs must be taken during the 2017 July 4th celebration.  Deadline for submissions is July 31.

All details and instructions are also on the event website Photographs may relate to the Granville 4th of July or the parade theme "Celebrating the American Dream." Both contests are free to participate and open to the public to participate {including amateur and professional photographers, and non-residents of Granville.) Both contests will require public voting and the winners will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash awards and be included in a professional July 4th Awards Exhibition. Contest Rules and entry forms are below.

New! Instagram-based Photography Contest that allows cell phone photography images and is open to the public. This popular format is readily accessible and allows people to upload photographs directly from cell phones into Instagram, as well as standard photographs. It aims to encourage youth, families and amateurs to participate. Deadline:  Submissions to be considered for the contest must be uploaded to Instagram (#Granville4th) by July 31. The voting will be online via Instagram #Granville4th through “likes” and continue through the end of the contest (August 25). [Note, Instagram is setup to allow each person to “like” an image only once.] The top three Instagram photographs with the most likes will win. The photographs will be on display on a digital device at the Granville Public library exhibit with instructions on how to vote online. Winners will receive cash awards ($50, $20, $10) and their photographs will be displayed on the contest website, event Facebook page and the photographers recognized in the local newspaper.

Print Photography Contest for Inclusion in Formal Awards Exhibition will also be offered to appeal to hobbyists and Professional photographers.  This contest requires submission of high resolution (minimum 2MB) images and a signed entry form (below). Limit of 5 photographs. Photographers can submit their own printed 8x10s, or New this year!, the Committee will print the photographs of its choosing, for no additional cost using professional-grade 8x10 size.  We will frame and display the entries for public voting while displayed at the Granville Public Library in the new professional art display walls of the first-floor main digital lab area. The photographs will be numbered and the public can vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd by anonymous paper vote. Once the voting is completed, the winning photographs will be included in the public exhibition at ART@43023, with a selection of Professional Photographs commissioned for the 2017 contest and publicized on the contest website and recognized in the local newspaper, the Granville Sentinel. Winners will receive cash prizes ($100, $50, $25). Deadline of submissions is July 31. Submit up to 5 images (with high resolution, minimum 2 MB recommended) on a portable USB drive, CD or DVD and label. (You may include your own 8x10 prints as well.) You can mail the entries to: Granville Kiwanis Photo Contest, PO Box 133, Granville OH 43023 or hand-deliver them to the Granville Village Offices, 141 E. Broadway, Granville OH 43023 (open M-F 8-4:30pm). Digital files may be emailed to and include "Photo Contest" in the subject line.

Click here for the Entry Form

New, Free Public Photography Class A free 2-hour photography class will be held at the Granville Public Library on Thursday, June 28 from 6:30-8:30 pm. The class will be led by two local professional photographers and previous winners in the contest (Bryan Ghiloni and Jack Fleming.) The class is open to the public. RSVP is recommended to Participants will bring their own camera or cell phone. The course will review basic elements of a “good” photograph to help individuals create and select photographs for competition, as well as demonstrate two challenging conditions (night-time and motion) that may be useful in capturing the July 4th festival.

New, Exhibition of Invited Professional Photographers of the 2017 Granville 4th of July. Thanks to a grant from the Granville Arts Commission, a professional photography exhibition of three invited Professional Photographers will be commissioned and offered free to the community.

The exhibition will be held at the Bryn Du Art Gallery located behind the mansion during the display and voting of the public exhibition. We will aim to have the exhibit open during the Sunday July 23, Augusts 6 and August 20 Concert on the Green events.

The public Granville 4th of July Photography Contest Awards Exhibition will take place at ART@43023 over a two-week period in September. The public voted top winners of the two contests will be displayed with select photos from the professional exhibit . The winners will be announced at a reception at ART@43023 on opening night (all participants will be invited) and the public will be invited via social media, poster and newspaper announcement.  The traveling art display will be displayed at the Granville Public Library, the Park National Bank and other venues in Granville (tbd).


2016 Granville 4th of July Photography Contest 

For contest details, refer to  our official event website

Congratulations to our 2016 Photography Contest Winners 

Professional Category:   Sheryl Lazenby, "Win this fish"

Amateur Category:   Terry Van Offeren, "Old Glory"


Jurored exhibition and awards thanks to a grant from the Granville Arts Commission and support from ART@43023.

The 2016 Granville Kiwanis 4th of July Photography Contest winners were honored at a public reception at the venue for the contest exhibition on Friday October 7 from 5-7pm at ART@43023. An exhibition of select photographs from the contest were on display at the public exhibition in downtown Granville at the art gallery ART@43023 from October 3 -10. Two top overall winners were announced at the reception by contest juror and professional photographer Bryan Ghiloni. The winner of the Professional Category receiving a $100 prize was Sheryl Lazenby with "Win this Fish." The winner of the Amateur Category receiving a $100 prize was Terry Van Offeren with "Old Glory." (There were no entries in the Under Age18 category.)

The contest was sponsored by the Granville Kiwanis as part of their annual 4th of July community celebration. For this contest, photographs had to be taken in Granville, Ohio during the 2016 Granville 4th of July Celebration and pertain to the Granville 4th of July Celebration. Each participant could enter up to 5 photographs and there was no entry fee. Entries were judged by the juror for overall appeal, artistic expression/composition and relevance to the topic. 

Select pieces of the show will be on display at the Park National Bank of Granville in November to commemorate Veteran's Day and at other venues in Granville including the Granville Public Library. Photographs are on display on our website and will be used to promote our 2017 4th of July Celebration. Thank you to each of the entrants.

Sheryl Lazenby, "Wish This Fish" * 

*Winner of the Professional Category

Alison Colvin, "A Celebration Illuminated"

Terry Van Offeren, "Old Glory"**

**Winner of the Amateur Category


Kelly George, "Carrying the Red, White and Blue"


Kelly George, "Ferris Wheel"

Kelly George, "Twice the Love"

Kelly George, "Waiting for Riders"

Kelly George, "We the People"

Lisa Matula, "By the Dawn's Early Light"

Lisa Matula, "Little Director"

Lisa Matula, "Street Fair Trio"

Lisa Matula, "What So Proudly We Hail"

Lisa Matula, "Yankee Doodle"

Mathew Miller, "Boy Scout Fries"

Michelle Newman Brady, "Mirabella"

Mary Treptow

Steve Matheny 


Jennifer Lewis


Awards reception at Art@43023 on October 7, 2016 thanks to a grant from the Granville Arts Commission.

Juror Bryan Ghiloni and some of the photographers at the reception.

2015 July 4th Photography Contest

Winners Announced

Best in Show:   Steve Matheny, Dancin in the Streets #3

Awards by Category:

Granville Fourth

  1. Bryan Ghiloni, Streetfair at Night
  2. Jennifer Lewis, Grand Finale
  3. Steve Matheny, Swingin’ on the Midway
  4. Bryan Ghiloni, Phone Photographs Finale
  5. Mark Davis, At the Fair


  1. Steve Matheny, Dancin’ in the Streets #3
  2. Bryan Ghiloni, Rollercoaster Riders
  3. Kelly George, Don Jakeway
  4. Azella Markgraf, Rowan
  5. Sharon Federico, Reuniting

American Flag

  1. Lisa Matula, Proud to be an American
  2. Kelly George, Off the Beaten Path
  3. Sharon Federico, Pride

Patriotic Pets

  1. Lisa Matula, Patriotic Pooch


View photographs on exhibition!  Selected photographs from the contest including the winners will be on display at ART@43023 through October 10. The show will be moved to the Granville Public Library for the remaining month of October, then to Park National Bank of Granville for November.

2015 Best of Show

Steve Matheny, Dancin' in the Streets #3


Bryan Ghiloni, Phone Photographs Fireworks   Bryan Ghiloni, Streetfair at Night

Bryan Ghiloni, Rollercoaster Riders             Azella Markgraf, Rowan

Karen Markgraf, Are We Having Fun Yet    Lisa Matula, Proud to be an American

Lisa Matula, Patriotic Pooch                       Kelly George, Off the Beaten Path

Kelly George, Don Jakeway                       Jennifer Lewis, Granville Streetfair

Sharon Federico, Reuniting                       Jennifer Lewis, Grand Finale

Sharon Federico, Pride                                             Jennifer Lewis, Blue and Red

Emma Hobson, Americana At Its Finest                     Steve Matheny, Swingin' on the Midway

Steve Matheny, Dancin' in the Streets  #2                Steve Matheny, Dancin' in the Streets  #1


AD, Granville Streetfair                                          Steve Matheny, Juxtaposition


 Mark Davis, At the Granville Fair


Awards Reception

Please join us on October 3 (Saturday) from 6 to 8 PM at ART@43023 for a reception with a display of selected photographs and announcement of awards for the contest. Winners' names will be posted on this website after October 3 and communicated in the Granville Sentinel newspaper. 

The reception is open to the public. The installation of photographs will remain on display for a few weeks then move to the Granville Public Library. We will display the photos at other locations in town throughout the year.

We thank the GSVA for installing the exhibit and ART@43023 for sharing their gallery for our reception.


Click here to download PDF of Contest Rules and Entry Form.


  1. Photographs must be taken in Granville, Ohio during the 2015 Granville 4th of July Celebration (July 1-4, 2015).
  2. Eligible: Any person, of any age, any level, including members of the Granville Kiwanis Club and G.S.V.A. faculty or students may participate in the contest. Entrants will not be included in the panel of judges nor have any influence on the outcomes. The contest is free to participate and there is no entry fee.
  3. Submit up to 5 entries in any of the following categories:
  • Patriotic Pets
  • American Flag
  • People
  • Granville 4th
  1. Include an 8x10 print, a high-resolution .jpg and one Entry Form with each submission.
  2. Download the Entry Form from the contest website,
  3. One entry form must be submitted with each photograph. Include Photographer's Name, age (required if <18yr), address, phone, email, artist's statement and category.
  4. Make sure to sign each entry form, asserting that the photographs are original and taken by the photographer during the 2015 Granville July 4th Celebration.
  5. Submit photographs, high-resolution digital copies and signed entry form by mail to: “Granville Kiwanis Photography Contest,” PO Box 133, Granville Ohio 43023; or Hand-deliver to the Bryn Du Complex, Granville School of Visual Arts (GSVA) from 12-4PM Mon-Thursday. Please indicate on the envelope, “Attn: Susanna, and 2015 July 4th Photography contest.” Entries will not be returned and may be used for future publicity and display.
  6. Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. However, in entering this Competition, each entrant grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual license to the Kiwanis Club of Granville to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition. Efforts will be made to credit the entrant when possible. All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them and must not have been published elsewhere or have won a prize in any other photographic competition. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that any images they submit have been taken with the permission of the subject and do not infringe the copyright of any third party or any laws. Entrants must warrant that the photograph they are submitting is their own work and that they own the copyright for it.
  7. Entries will be judged for overall appeal, artistic expression/composition, and relevance to the selected category. All decisions of the judges are final. The contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not conform to the stated contest rules and/or criteria. Winners may be contacted and asked for more information about the winning entries.
  8. Thanks to the generosity of Deke's Auto Tech, prizes include $100 Best of Show and awards in each category. The Kiwanis Club will be responsible for judging the contest.
  9. Deadline: August 24, 2015
  10. For questions, contact Granville Kiwanis at
  11. A reception will be held at ART@43023 on Broadway in Downtown Granville on October 3 from 6-8PM for the participants and winners. The display will continue through September. We appreciate the effort of GSVA for installing the exhibit.

Sponsored and judged by the Granville Kiwanis.

Thanks to the generosity of Deke's Auto Tech for sponsoring the Best of Show Award. Promotion of the event in partnership with the Granville Studio of Visual Arts (G.S.V.A.) at the Bryn Du Mansion Complex and ART@43023 in downtown Granville.


Share your selfies and other digital photographs during the Granville 4th of July at #Granville4th!



Tuesday, June 30, 5-7PM - Free Introduction to Photography Class

On June 30th, from 5-7 pm, The Granville Kiwanis and Granville Studio of Visual Arts will be sponsoring a Free Introduction to Photography class to be held at GSVA. The class will be taught by artist and professional photographer, Bryan Ghiloni. Participants will learn how to use manual adjustments on a DSLR camera and how to compose artful photographs utilizing the Principles and Elements of Design. The class will also focus on capturing images from the Granville 4th of July festivities for the Free Photo Contest to be displayed at Art@43023. Interested parties must pre-register by June 29th. For more information or to register for this free class, please email us at:

Click here for JPG of flyer  









2014 Granville Kiwanis 4th of July Photography Contest winners shown below. Thank you to everyone who competed.

Awards were presented at a dinner reception on Monday, February 2 at 6:15PM at Denison University's Huffman Hall President's Room. 

Winners were recognized in The Granville Sentinel Feb. 12, 2015 issue (Vol. 45, No. 34, page 5B). Photographs were on display at the Granville Public Library in February. 


Photographed, Back row: Gloria Velasco, Jack Fleming, Jennifer Cuevas, Lisa Matula, Tom Harvey (Kiwanis President);

Front row: Charlene Lossing, Michelle Shoaps, Christen Shore, Marilyn Boldon


Congratulations to our 2014 Contest Winners:

Rockets Glare on the Free
Gloria Velasco
Best of Show, 1st Place - Family
Green Kiddos
Jack Fleming
1st Place – Granville’s Going Green
Charlene Lossing
1st Place - Water (note the Fish in the egg!)
Daddy’s Girl
Jack Fleming
2nd Place - Family 
Kiwanis is Family
Christen Millard Shore
3rd Place - Family
Any Duck Wins a Prize
Michelle Shoaps
2nd Place – Water
Big Fish in a Small Pond
Lisa Matula
3rd Place – Water
Reuniting & Going Green – GHS 25 yr. Reunion
Jennifer Cuevas
2nd Place – Granville’s Going Green
The Licking County 4-H Band Goes Green in Every Granville Kiwanis 4th of July Parade
Marilyn Boldon
3rd Place – Granville’s Going Green



Reminder: Deadline for entries is July 31, 2014.


We invite the public to photograph the 2014 July 4th Celebration!

Submit one photo for any (or all) of these categories:

  • "Granville's Going Green" (parade theme)
  •   Family
  •   Water

Open to all ages and levels! Use cameras or cell phones. 

Submit your print entry with a signed Contest Entry Form and .jpg.

Click here for 2014 Contest Entry Form.

Click here for 2014 Instructions and Rules for Submissions.

Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2014. 



We also are collecting photos of past 4th of July Celebrations!  In 2014, the Kiwanis Club of Granville celebrates 50 years of hosting the 4th of July celebration and parade in Granville, Ohio. Share your old photos and help us commemorate our small-town Granville tradition.

If you have any interesting photos, please share them via email at or submit to our Facebook page. 






Congratulations to the 2013 Winners:

BEST OF SHOW            

by Mary Peden, "Children Playing in Puddles" - Children



by Daniel Peden, "Beautiful Colors" - Streetfair



by Lisa Matula, "Celebrate Our Freedom Loud and Clear!" - Parade


First Place, Community

by Kelly George, "Calm"



First Place, Fireworks,

by Katherine Peden, "Glitter and Gold"


First Place, Hometown Hero

by Jennifer Cuevas, "Why We Celebrate Independence Day!"


First Place, Kiwanis Related

by Jennifer Lewis, "Mike Birkmeyer - 'Mr. Granville Kiwanis 4th of July'"


2nd Place, Children

by Jennifer Lewis, "Almost Weightless"


2nd Place, Community

by Jennifer Cuevas, "Community Fun at the Bingo Tent"


2nd Place, Fireworks

by Jennifer Lewis, "Bursting in Air"


2nd Place, Hometown Hero

by Alice Lewis, "Parade Grand Marshall Craig Washka and his Crankers"


2nd Place, Kiwanis Related

by Jennifer Cuevas, "The Kiwanis style!"


2nd Place, Parade

Jennifer Lewis, Grand Marshall Craig Washka and Craig's Crankers


2nd Place, Streetfair

Jennifer Lewis, Ferris Wheel Aglow


3rd Place, Children

Rod Mayet, My First Parade, Children


3rd Place, Community

Jennifer Lewis, Lit Up for Fireworks in Wildwood, A Community Tradition


3rd Place, Fireworks

Rod Mayet, 4th of July Blast


3rd Place, Hometown Hero

Mary Peden, Hornets sting Brews patrons - Granville Fire Dept. to the rescue


3rd Place, Kiwanis Related

Alice Lewis, Granville Kiwanis Float


3rd Place, Parade

Gwynn Harrison, Decorated Bike Champion


3rd Place, Streetfair

Katherine Peden, View from Above


4th Place, Children

Philip Stukus, Bravery on Henry's first Ferris Wheel ride


4th Place, Community

Mary Peden, Beautiful Doorway in Granville


4th Place, Fireworks

Jennifer Cuevas, Fabulous Fireworks!


4th Place, Hometown Hero

Jennifer Lewis, Hometown Hero Granville Fire Department Victory


4th Place, Kiwanis Related

Lisa Matula, Singing in the Rain


4th Place, Parade

Kelly George, Licking Co. 4-H Band


4th Place, Streetfair

Gwynn Harrison, Anticipation


Honorable Mention, Streetfair

Gloria Velasco, Love is in the Fair


Honorable Mention, Hometown Hero

Becky Ulmer, Heroes of the Past


Honorable Mention, Children

Misti Postle, Gwen's First 4th of July Parade


Awards were presented at a ceremony at the Granville Inn on Monday, November 11, 2013. Winning photos were displayed at the Park National Bank in November.

Guest Speaker: Kevin Bennett, JAG, in honor of Veteran's Day

Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Granville and Walgreen's in Heath.

NEW - iPhone-type photos (5x7 prints) and higher-resolution camera (8x10) photographs accepted.

* Photographs must be taken during the 2013 Granville Kiwanis 4th of July Celebration between July 3 - 6, 2013.

* Each photo must be accompanied by a separate entry form. See complete instructions below.

* Download Entry Form & Rules and Instructions (pdf) below.

* Awards and prizes for each category: Parade, Streetfair, Fireworks, Hometown Hero (parade theme), Children, Community and Kiwanis Related. One entry per category per person.

Special Discount at Walgreen's in Heath for 8x10 prints (5x7 for iPhone). Mention the Granville Kiwanis Photo Contest at the printing counter when filling order.

Click below to download required forms and rules [pdf]:

2013 Photo Contest Entry Form &

2013 Photo Contest Rules and Instructions

DEADLINE for submissions: August 10, 2013

Congratulations to the 2012 Winners

Congratulations to the 2011 Winners

Congratulations (from left to right) to Jennifer Lewis (Kiwanian), Lelia Hoirliis (2nd Place Overall), Jim Lilly, Lea Ann Parsley, Philip Stukus, Sue Cline, Victoria Winningham (1st Place Overall), James Rogerson and Jennifer Cuevas (not shown).

First Place Overall to Victoria Winningham of Newark for "Celebrate Freedom"

Second Place Overall to Lelia Hoirliis of Granville for "Talking Freedom, Talking Union."

The Kiwanis Club honors the winners at the Granville Inn on October 17, 2011

The photo contest winners were honored by the Kiwanis Club of Granville at a dinner at the Granville Inn. A selection of winning and submitted photos will be on display in downtown Granville at the Park National Bank during October and November 2011.

to the 2009 Winners

The Granville Kiwanis Club is pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Fourth of July Photography Contest. Thank you to the many judges within the community who participated and thanks to Kussmaul Gallery for receiving entries.

The winning entries were creative, artistic and highlighted the spirit of Granville during the Annual Fourth of July Celebration. Visitors and natives of Granville were amongst the winners. All winners have been notified by mail.

The winning photos will be on display throughout Granville during the year in a traveling exhibit. Park National Bank is displaying select photographs during the month of November 2009.

The Kiwanis Club honors the winners at the Granville Inn on November 9, 2009
Award winners of the Kiwanis Photography Contest honored at the Granville Inn on November 9, 2009. From left to right-  Tom Lefevre - Granville Kiwanis Club President, Norm Ingle - Chair of the Fourth of July Committee; Photographers: Jennifer Lewis, Micky Hannah, Ronald Sherwood, Lesa Miller, Emily Kishler, Norma Krueger, Jack Fleming; Alice Lewis, co-chair of the Kiwanis Photography Contest Committee. [Other winners not shown]

Selected 2009 Winning Entries

"Historic Reflection"
Ronald Sherwood, Granville, Ohio

First Place, Parade (Pre-2009)


Best of Show



"I Salute Thee"
Jack Fleming, Granville, Ohio

First Place, People (Pre-2009)
Best of Show-Honorable Mention




Sharon Federico, Chapin, South Carolina
First Place (tie), People (Pre-2009)






"Come on, Grandad!"
Micky Hannah, Granville, Ohio
First Place (tie), People (Pre-2009)






Emily Kishler, Granville, Ohio
First Place, Granville (Pre-2009)






"Granville Sunset - A Perfect End to a Perfect Day"
Jack Fleming, Granville, Ohio
First Place, Granville (Pre-2009)






"America The Beautiful"
Jack Fleming, Granville, Ohio
First Place, Parade (2009)






"The Rockets Bursting In Air..."
Jennifer Lewis, Granville, Ohio
First Place, Entertainment (2009)






"Granville From Above"
Emma Hopson, Brooklyn, New York
First Place, Granville (2009)







Winners were honored at a dinner at the Granville Inn, on Monday, November 9th, 2010 at 6:15 PM. Selected photographs will be on display at Park National Bank during the month of November 2010.