09/06/17 - In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, our Young Leaders Helping Others/K-Kids want to help. So we are reaching out to the Texas District K-Kids Administrator to see what their students needs and how K-Kids in Ohio can help. Since many of the clubs are unable to fundraiser, we are looking for other ways to provide support. ‚Äč

Kiwanis Kids, or "K-Kids," is A Service Leadership Program for Kids in grades 2-5.

Welcome to Ohio's Kiwanis Kids, a Kiwanis-branded service leadership organization for young leaders helping others. Also known as "K-Kids," Kiwanis Kids is the newest youth service program organized by Kiwanis. Many of our KKids clubs are sponsored by the local Kiwanis club who provides volunteers and financial support. Key Clubs (High school level), Circle K (college-level)  and businesses can also sponsor clubs. The initial fee (paid by the sponsoring group) to open a club is $300, which includes membership kits, advisor training material, insurance and access to online resources and training material. The K-Kids members pay nothing to be in the club.  Each year after the first year, the membership roster is updated by the Kiwanis Club's Secretary in September andImage may contain: text the sponsoring group pays an annual renewal fee of $150 due October 1.  The K-Kids clubs determine their own schedule and activities. They usually meet once or twice a month for meetings and complete service projects for their school and community throughout the year. Each club creates it's own meeting schedule and membership criteria. Some meet at lunch, while others meet after school. There are fun contests throughout the year sponsored by Kiwanis International K-Kids and useful online resources to share and communicate projects (see below). Each district (such as Ohio) has a District Administer who can help with forming a new club, making connections with other KKids clubs or Kiwanis clubs and providing materials or support. Each KKIds club has a Faculty Advisor (usually a teacher or volunteer affiliated with the school and often also a Kiwanis member or former Key Club member) and a Kiwanis Advisor who helps communicate with the Kiwanis club and support the Faculty Advisor in planning, implementing and involving Kiwanis Volunteers. Both the Faculty and Kiwanis Advisor must have Clear Background Checks. The sponsoring club has Youth Protection Guidelines training each year in September. In addition to hosting their own projects, the KKids are often invited to help support or participate with their families in the Kiwanis' own service projects, which vary and often include a Pancake Breakfast, book drive, food drive, or area Park cleanup for Kiwanis One Day. Starting to learn how to help others and how Kindness Matters at an early age is important and K-Kids offers a great opportunity to do this while providing service and learning leadership and team building skills.

There are currently 79 K-Kids club in Ohio.

 If your school or community does not have a K-Kids club, please consider starting one.  We can also connect you with a local Kiwanis Club or provide other resources through the Ohio District Kiwanis Office (Columbus, Ohio) or Kiwanis International KKids office (Indianapolis, IN).  Kids love K-Kids!

I am excited to see every community have a K-Kids Club! Feel free to contact me directly for more info about starting a new club or finding one in your community.  I can also connect you with a Kiwanis Club or other KKids club and help you get involved in KKids!

If you already have an active K-Kids club, then please share any photos or projects. You can inspire other clubs and show others what great service K-Kids are doing!  We have Kiwanis conferences in Ohio in March and August each year where you can also learn more about Kiwanis and serving children through KKids.

Jennifer Lewis PhD, Ohio District Kiwanis Administrator 2017-18 

For more information and resources to start a new club, contact the 2017-18 Administrator Jennifer Lewis PhD at Email, Phone (7FourO)485-2040.  Resources and more information are on our KI websites and

Ohio District Kiwanis Kids (K-Kids) News

Granville Elementary School KKids completed their year-long project to create a Buddy Bench for their playground. The Kiwanis Club helped donate and recondition a recycled bench. The Kids designed and decorated it. They also made videos about playground safety at the Principal's request. The club of 2nd graders had 52 members and completed over 52 projects in 2016-17. Projects ranged from writing thank-you, Veterans Day, Valentine and Mother's Day cards and flower containers, to picking up trash at school and giving away books and managing a coloring station at the Kiwanis' Annual Pancake Day. The kids and parents helped decorate a float and participate in the 4th of July parade and cheered on runners during the Kiwanis' 5K/10K. A highlight was taking a trip to the local senior center to play Bingo and read with residents. The Kiwanis club helped fund the cost of the school bus, but we learned that the senior center loved our visit so much they could help fund it next time! See below for a list of their projects by month.


Welcome to our newest 2016-17 Ohio KKids' Clubs!

  • Amanda Elementary  (03/17/17, Middletown Kiwanis Club)
  • Barberton East Elementary  (10/03/16, Barberton Kiwanis Club)
  • Mansfield Spanish Immersion  (02/21/17, Mansfield Kiwanis Club)
  • Westerly Elementary School  (12/19/16, Bay Village Kiwanis Club)
  • Youtz Leadership School  (10/01/16, Canton Kiwanis Club)

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To Charter a New KKIds Club: 

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Service Project list from DCON 2017

Granville KKids Monthly project list 2016

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